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Portrait Photography | Headshot Photography

Portrait photography is an inseparable part of our daily lives. In today's modern age, your image can be seen everywhere, whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, or other social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter (X), the press, public relations, and advertising.

Yakir Pollak, a photographer and artist, operates a studio known for its modern and clean aesthetic, offering photography and digital content services to both private and commercial audiences.
These services include portrait photography, branding photography and PR, headshot photography, image processing and editing, art and digital art photography, visual content, consulting, and marketing.


Your portrait image is the impression you project to the world and how you want to be seen and perceived.
Good portrait photography is a moment where you surrender to the process, alongside your portrait photographer, not necessarily trying to pose but simply being yourself.

During a portrait photoshoot, we are simultaneously who we think we are, how we believe others see us, and, of course, how the professional photographer wants to present us.

A portrait photographer always seeks the gaze and moments that convey authenticity, reliability, and accessibility, whether it's for actor/artist portfolio photos, portrait photography, profile pictures, or branding photography and headshots. Professional and quality photography creates an image we present to the world.

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I do not recommend makeup for men. I retouch the selected files afterward, so if there are any skin imperfections, they will be taken care of.

Facial Hair:

If you want to be photographed with facial hair, I would be happy to capture that. If you wish to make changes during the shoot and trim your facial hair, please come prepared with the necessary grooming tools.


I ask that all women come to the shoot with their hair ready.


Makeup for the session is highly recommended for all women.

Makeup is customized specifically for the chosen lighting for the photoshoot, typically starting with a natural and clean look. Minor makeup adjustments and touch-ups will be made during the session as it progresses. If you prefer to start with slightly heavier makeup, that is certainly possible, and we can discuss it in advance.


Do not hesitate to bring a variety of different clothing options. My first rule is that you need to love it! If you don't feel comfortable in it, you won't look good in it. I suggest bringing a variety of different colors and necklines. If you are unsure if something will work or not, bring it, and we can decide together if it's suitable. Avoid being seasonal; t-shirts, sweaters, light coats, everything can work. I like textures and layers and aim for minimalism in jewelry. Studs or small earrings, simple necklaces, anything dangling or too noticeable will draw attention in the photo.

*A deposit is required to book your session according to the session length and uses.

The deposit can be made at your convenience. However, if the deposit is not received at least a week before your scheduled session, your appointment may be given to someone on the waiting list. 

*please arrive at the studio at the scheduled time without delays.

I look forward to seeing you,

Preparing for your photo session

נעה זהבי שחקנית

The photo session with this talented guy was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in front of a camera. A charismatic photographer in another league, he managed to transform my apprehension into a magical and laughter-filled evening, resulting in simply beautiful pictures. I highly recommend him.

אלי עורך פטנטים

I came to Yakir for a portrait photo for my LinkedIn profile. My previous photography experience was with a photographer who pressured me and took over 1000 photos, of which maybe 5 were flattering. Yakir transformed the experience. He was professional, made me feel comfortable, provided recommendations, made me laugh when needed, and most importantly, produced dozens of amazing photos for me to choose from. If it's not clear, highly recommended.

אורי יזם שיווק

Yakir is a talented photographer with a sensitive touch. We approached him based on the portrait photos displayed on his website, and he did not disappoint us. We left with a very impressive and respectful set of photos, and the entire studio experience was enjoyable! Highly recommended.

אסנת הראל זמרת

Yakir Pollak - my go to photographer. He works wonders, is an absolute professional, and knows how to direct even those who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. The results are top-notch! Number 1!


Yakir is very professional, patient, and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended, even for those who don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. It was enjoyable to be photographed and to see the results.


Yakir turned my clinic photography session into a fun day with an excellent atmosphere. He is professional and precise. The photos turned out great. Highly recommended.


Great photos of loads of stuff - there is something there for every one. Portraits, insects, kids, play, flowers, cityscapes.... I don't know what my favorite one is but I visit often and follow on other media regularly.

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